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My Walk with Friendship 2019 Fundraising Page

Max Medin

Max's Fun Stuff!

Every year a organization dear to my heart, Friendship Circle of Washington hosts a annual walk! This walk is to raise money for the organization, and hopefully bring more attention and awareness to the amazing work they are doing! Friendship circle works to have a special time where teens or younger with special needs can be paired with a teen like myself and have some time to just have fun, while also giving the parent a break time so they can take care of them selves. I have been volunteering at this organization for many years and it would mean so much if you donated any amount!
Love max :)


raised of $1,000 goal

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1. DRDiane Rosencrantz
2. ELElaine Lotzkar
We are so happy to support you in any way. Love you, Max! Elaine and Marty
3. CMCraig And Robin Medin
Great job Max
4. KHKaren Hudesman
5. Max Medin
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